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lice-freeAnyone who has dealt with pediculus humanus capitis knows it is a frustrating condition.  At Cootie Corral, we provide children, teens, and adults in the Tishomingo area with safe head lice solutions you can rely on to get rid of those pesky bugs quickly, and safely.  We know that the majority of products traditionally used for this condition aren’t always effective.  Add to that most of these products contain pesticides and require multiple applications, and it just makes sense to take an easier, more effective route to get rid of lice!  OTC and prescription products don’t work as well as they once did, but we have the solution.

Those nasty bugs are highly contagious, especially among children and teens who spend a lot of time together at schools and camps.  While head lice don’t jump, they can be spread by using another person’s brush or comb, or even through the taking of “selfies” in which heads often touch.  Adults are not immune, either.  Our non chemical head lice treatment generally takes about an hour or two, and in most cases one visit to our salon is all it takes to eradicate those pesky buggers.  We use natural ingredients including reactionary enzymes along with a professional combing technique to remove every last louse and nit!

When you are in search of a one treatment lice solution, you can count on Cootie Corral for excellent results.  No one wants to put up with the hassle and mess of using traditional products at home, and most parents prefer not to use potentially harmful chemicals on their children.  Our natural lice treatment is convenient, effective, and safe, trusted by schools and recommended by pediatricians.  For results you can count on, we invite Tishomingo residents to call us now at (580) 768-9100.