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Madill OK

Unfortunately, pediculus humanus capitis is a common condition, especially among children and teens.  At Cootie Corral, we cater to Madill residents who want to get rid of head lice in a way that is easy, effective, and convenient.  Anyone can become a victim of this frustrating condition – even adults.  Given the popularity of taking “selfies” today, infestations are even more common than in years past.  We provide safe head lice treatment that involves the use of natural products containing no pesticides or other potentially dangerous ingredients!

It’s really no surprise that kids are prone to these pesky bugs given how much time they spend in school, at summer camp, or other activities involving lots of children.  Perhaps your child used an infested child’s come or brush, or another hair accessory.  That’s all it takes!  Our non chemical head lice removal process involves the use of a special comb and organic, natural products you can feel confident about.  Gentle on hair, but most important of all super effective.  Parents also enjoy the fact treatment can be performed in our head lice clinic in just an hour or two, so there is little inconvenience.  One visit, and you can get on with your day.

The majority of prescription and OTC products today that supposedly get rid of head lice simply are not always effective.  Couple this with the fact most of these products contain pesticides or insecticides and are a hassle to use, and it just makes sense to go with an easier solution!  Our natural lice treatment is the most effective available today, performed by trained technicians who eradicate every last louse and nit.  We invite those in Madill to please contact Cootie Corral to learn more or schedule an appointment today by calling (580) 768-9100.