Cootie Corral relies on a proven approach for eliminating head lice and their nits based on an effective combination of science and nature. You can rest assured of great results, without the use of harsh chemicals or pesticides.

Fast and Effective

You may be curious as to the techniques we use, and whether a single treatment will eliminate all head lice as well as their nits (eggs). Basically, we use products containing natural reactionary enzymes in combination with a thorough comb-out to extract the lice in a way that is safe and effective on both children and adults. One treatment is all it takes, generally taking about one to two hours depending on severity of infestation and hair length.

Highly Effective, Safe Head Lice Removal

The majority of over-the-counter products sold today at retail stores and prescriptions designed to eliminate head lice contain potentially dangerous chemicals or pesticides. At Cootie Corral, our products contain no harsh chemicals and are made of natural, safe ingredients.

Additionally, nits are increasingly becoming more and more resistant to the common products that have been used for decades to control head lice and their nits, including pesticides. These products often require repeated applications as well. Our head lice treatment is guaranteed for 30 day, is all natural, and extremely effective. Unlike traditional products, ours also kill nits (eggs)!

The comb-out involves the use of a special comb, and is the most important aspect of complete removal. Any type of hair can be successfully treated as long as you can comb through it using a regular comb.