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Davis OK

Are you in search of relief from pediculus humanus capitis and live in the Davis area?  At Cootie Corral we provide a one treatment lice solution that makes it possible for you to get in, out, and on with your life.  We know that traditional treatment methods often used for head lice are messy, time consuming considering repeat applications, and unfortunately ineffective in many cases.  These products also contain pesticides or other harsh ingredients, something you may not want to use on your child’s head!  Our natural approach is simple, effective, and takes very little of your time.

Performed in our head lice salon, our trained technicians use natural, organic ingredients in combination with a thorough comb-out technique to ensure every louse and egg is removed.  Depending on hair length and extent of infestation, treatment typically takes between one and two hours.  After that, you are bug-free and ready to go!  Our non chemical head lice removal process is proven effective, and trusted by pediatricians and schools.  We know how frustrating and uncomfortable this condition can be for children and adults alike.  Let us put an end to it now!

While anyone can become infested, this condition is more common among young kids and teens who attend school, daycare, camps, and other activities that put them in close contact with lots of others their age.  When your child is sent home because a louse has been detected, you want to get rid of lice fast.  Our safe head lice treatment is gentle to the hair and scalp, but highly effective!  No one wants those pesky bugs, and you don’t have to live with them for another day.  At Cootie Corral we cater to Davis clients in search of natural, effective solutions that are convenient and affordable.  Give us a call now at (580) 768-9100.