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Having a pediculus humanus capitis infestation can be frustrating and miserable.  At Cootie Corral we provide non chemical head lice treatment to Ardmore clients who prefer not to use traditional products found in retail and drugstores. Most of these products contain pesticides, and are not effective against a tougher strain of those pesky bugs today often referred to as “super” lice.  You will be happy to know that in a single visit lasting an hour or two, those little buggers can be eradicated once and for all.  Why bother with the hassle, mess, and inconvenience when there is a much easier solution?

Children and teens aren’t the only ones susceptible to this condition; adults can become victims as well.  It doesn’t take much for a louse to make its way from one person’s head to another – just the sharing of a comb or brush, or touching of heads.  Our safe head lice solutions deliver amazing results, without resorting to potentially dangerous ingredients or pesticides.  Our head lice salon provides a relaxing, comfortable environment everyone will find pleasant while our expert technicians get rid of head lice.  Just a little of your time, and you are back on your way!

In order to be 100% effective, it is vital that every louse and egg is removed.  This is why so many parents fail in their efforts at home, as it can become difficult and frustrating trying to comb out every last bug or nit.  When you desire a natural lice treatment and want to avoid the mess and repeat applications of products traditionally used at home, count on Cootie Corral.  Ardmore residents can learn how to get rid of lice today! Call (580) 768-9100 now to schedule your appointment.