childs-thank-you-noteCootie Corral Lice Treatment Center is the first specialty treatment center in the Texoma area. We offer a professional service to resolve lice infestation in a “one and done” treatment. Our specialized treatment techniques and education for home treatment will give you peace of mind that you will be lice free. The clinic provides a clean and comfortable environment for families during their visit. Our goal is to not only treat patients, but also educate the community in an effort to reduce the number of lice infestations.

Chelsae Castanos, founder of Cootie Corral Lice Treatment Center, has worked in the health industry for over 11 years. She and her husband own and operate a pharmacy in southern Oklahoma. She also has a bachelor degree in social work. Her strong desire to help people and experience in pharmacy drove her desire to help fight head lice infestations. Over the years lice has become resistant to prescription and over-the-counter products. Witnessing the frustration of parents and their lack of options prompted her to open the first lice treatment center in the area. She was trained by top lice experts Marcy McQuillan and Carrie Madej.