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Safe Head Lice Removal in Ardmore and Surrounding Areas

Cootie Corral caters to clients in Ardmore and surrounding areas in search of non chemical head lice solutions that are effective, affordable, and involve no harsh chemicals or pesticides.  Whether a child, teen, or adult, no one wants to deal with head lice, the itching and embarrassment they cause, and the traditional messy solutions found OTC at many retail stores.  Not only are these products ineffective, they are potentially dangerous.  We rely on safe head lice removal procedures to ensure not only the complete removal of lice and their nits, but to eliminate damage to the hair.

Parents looking for a one treatment lice solution will love the results achieved with our method which incorporates reactionary enzymes to kill lice and their eggs on the spot.  This process also involves a thorough comb-out combined with our safe and effective products that contain natural ingredients and no pesticides.  Generally, you can expect treatment to take approximately one to two hours, depending on factors such as hair thickness and length.

While today’s world is one that is far more advanced than it was 20 years ago, head lice continue to be a problem.  The popularity of taking “selfies” in which heads are often touching is a factor, and as long as children and teens attend school, camp, or other places where lots of people tend to congregate, lice will always be an issue.  Thankfully, we can get rid of head lice in a single treatment – and you don’t have to face the hassle of using harsh, ineffective products that are messy and require repeated applications!  If you are in the Ardmore area and want to learn more about how to get rid of lice and even prevent a re-infestation, contact the Cootie Corral today!  Get rid of what “bugs” you.